Inspection and Testing

Inspection and Testing

Inspection and testing is an important part of the life of any system or equipment particularly when it involves life and property safety. Although most fire detection and protection systems are rarely used for their intended purpose it is important they operate as designed in an emergency.

In New Zealand with the introduction of the Building Act, the compliance schedule is a legal document which specifies the testing and inspection requirements for each system and feature listed. Often the New Zealand or other joint standard are called up as the minimum testing requirements for compliance.

Fire Security Services offer a cost effective solution to ensure features and systems below are inspected and or tested to not only ensure compliance is met but to make certain the equipment is kept up to standard so reliability is assured.

Fire Security Services leads in hand held technology within the Fire Protection Industry with our testers having PDA devices to record and capture testing data and report any defects within 24 hours or less. This enhances the ability to have defects rectified promptly ensuring the system will not be compromised.

The following systems and features are able to be inspected and tested by Fire Security Services:

• Sprinkler systems
• Gas flood systems
• Deluge systems
• Water spray systems
• Riser systems
• Hydrant systems
• Fire alarm systems
• Aspirating systems (VESDA)
• EWIS Systems
• Emergency lighting
• Hose reels
• Fire extinguishers
• Passive features such as Means of Escape, Safety Barriers, Disabled Access, Fire and Smoke Separation signs

Fire Security Services also manage other systems on behalf of a client such as:

• Automatic doors
• Stairwell presurisation systems
• Automatic backflow devices