Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler Systems

Fire Security Services has been involved in the Installation of high end, commercial fire sprinkler systems Installations.

We have first hand experience in the installation of the following types of systems;
Wet pipe fire sprinkler systems including all aspects of domestic, residential systems dealing in Extra Light Hazard, Ordinary Hazard & Extra High Hazard Occupancies.

These systems are installed in all types of buildings including Housing NZ homes, Hospitals, Rest Homes, Schools, Multi Tenanted Office Blocks, Hotels, High Rise Apartment Blocks, Retail Occupancies & Commercial Buildings which at times include Production Facilities & Bulk Warehousing with High Level sprinkler protection , In-rack protection & ESFR (Early Suppression - Fast Response) Technology

The following are a list of the types of systems installed:

Stand alone dry pipe
A dry pipe system is a standard sprinkler installation in ...
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Tail-end dry pipe
A tail-end dry pipe system is similar to dry pipe ...
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Tail end Anti-freeze
These are portions of an installation which are arranged to ...
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